Looking for Financial Solutions?

My Rupee Mantra” is the Financial Solutions’ Brand of “PRICELESS FINANCIAL PLANNERS LLP” dedicated to provide Financial Planning and Investment Mantras to its prospective clients without charging any fees from them. “My Rupee Mantra” is one of the leading Financial Planning and Advisory Services Concern”. The experts at “My Rupee Mantra” have wide experience in their fields.

At My Rupee Mantra, we obtain detailed information from the clients regarding their profile, their financial aspirations and goals. The team of experts analyses this information with various technical / AI tools and match it with the products available in the Indian / Overseas market and derive the best suitable Financial Mantras for the clients. The clients are being provided with different alternative solutions and based on their choice the final mantra is performed to fetch the maximum benefits for the clients.

We at “My Rupee Mantra” provide Advisory Services to the Start-Up Projects in setting up of the establishment (including registrations with different Government Bodies, obtaining Trade mark, FSSAI License and other licenses as per their requirements), Designing and Preparation of Project Reports, Project Loan Finance, MSME Finance, Subsidiary, if available, Taxation and Accounting Advisory, Investment and Wealth Management Services, Strategic Planning Services, Mergers and Acquisitions. We also provide consultancy for Human Resources Management & consultancy in Restructuring and Rehabilitation of accounts.

We at “My Rupee Mantra” also provide support services to Resolution Professionals and Liquidators to play their roles successfully under IBC 2016. Our teams help them in verifying the claims, take over control and custody of Corporate Debtor, run the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process successfully.

Our legal team provides to its partner’s complete legal support for day-to-day guidance and for an understanding of various legal documents received by partners along with the claims and other documents sourced from Corporate Debtor.
We also support in search of Prospective investors to buy stressed assets. We provide consultancy in arranging finance for stressed assets.

My Rupee Mantra” team consists of experienced ex-Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers and professionally qualified staff.
Services offered at “MY RUPEE MANTRA”

  • Investment & Wealth Management
a. Investment in Shares & Debenturesb. Investment in SIP / Mutual Funds c. Investment in Gold Bonds
d. Corporate / Fixed Deposits e. Commodities / Derivatives g. Foreign Exchange Instruments
  • Insurance:
a. Life Insuranceb. Car Insurancec. Health Insurance
d. House Insurancee. Travel Insurancef. Term Insurance
  • Loans & Advances
a. Home Loanb. Loan Against Propertyc. Personal Loan
d. Loan to Professionalse. Gold Loan f. Loan against Shares & Debentures
f. Car Loan g. Education Loanh. Business Loan
i. Project Loanj. Loan for purchase of Plant & Machineryk. Private Finance
  • Trade Finance
a. Inland / Foreign Letter of Credit b. Standby Letter of Credit c. Bank Guarantee / Tender Guarantee
d. Proof of Funds / Pre-Advice Services e. Blocked Fund Services / Bank Comfort Letters f. Ready, Willing & Able Letters
  • Advisory Services
a. Company & Business Set-up b. Taxation & Accounting c. Company Management
d. Trade Licenses e. Trade mark and ISO Certification f. Registration on GeM Platform
  • Resolution Professional Support Services
a. Initiation of CIRP b. Personal Insolvency Process c. Pre-Package Insolvency Process
d. Support to Insolvency Professionals e. Authorized Representative Roles f. Support to Prospective Resolution Applicants
g. Execution and Implementation of Resolution Plan h. Monitoring of Resolution Plan
  • Legal Advisory Services
a. Drafting of Legal Documents b. Pleadings before NCLT/NCLAT/High Court /Supreme Court c. Income Tax, GST and Excise matters


Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred “Global Financial Advisory”, where in we add greater values to our clients and maximise fulfilment of their financial aspirations.

We partner with our clients at every stage to maintain “Efficient and Trusted” relationship.
We always strive hard to provide financial peace of mind by delivering “Fit to Goal Mantras” to our clients with faith to pursue their dreams and passion.

• Transparency: Maintain complete transparency in all our transactions.

• Ethics: Our knowledge, experience, honesty, and expertise – “A combined Ethical Sense” ensures satisfaction to our clients.

• Relationship: Our Endeavour is to build a long-lasting relationship-
“Square Your Financial Wealth”

• Confidentiality: We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients’ information.

• Service: We believe that “Great Service helps an organization to drive customer acquisition and efficiency makes leading companies successful”.

My Rupee Mantra is one of the leading Financial Consultancy The Company’s promoter has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Retail Banking, MSME Advances/ Loans and management of stressed assets.