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Travel. It’s one of those things we all look forward to, no matter where we plan to take off. From sandy beaches and snow-covered mountains to the hilly greens and bustling cities; the world is our platter and the very act of traveling- our chance to experience at least one portion of it.

Travel insurance covers cost, losses, and other predefined expenses associated with travelling. It insures the policy holders from different types of losses they might face during their travel.

It covers a range of services like baggage/passport loss, flight delays, flight cancellations, medical expenses, etc. Your travel insurance is a document that acts as a safety net every time you travel.

International Travel Insurance Policy is designed to accompany you on all your travels; to help you travel smarter and safer. From unpredictable flight delays and missed connections to loss of belongings, medical emergencies and adventure sport ouches, we cover for you so that nothing takes away your peace of mind.

So, whether you accidentally hurt yourself while bungee jumping, get scammed only to lose out on your wallet and passport or get into a legal issue for damaging your car rental abroad; your securing your trip with an overseas travel insurance will ensure you’ll be covered through it all.


a. 28 million baggage are reportedly mislaid by airlines every year.
b. Medical expenses cost 3 to 5 times more outside India.
c. 47% of baggage loss happen during international transfers.
d. Phones, Bank Cards, Licenses & Passports are the top 4 belongings people lose while travelling.
e. Instances of hijacking of planes.
f. You’re very likely to miss or encounter a delayed flight on any given day.
g. Travel scams are extremely common in tourist-heavy countries.

“My Rupee Mantra” s Role
Our experts are associated with different General Insurance Companies. They properly examine your travel plan, risks associated with the travel and the profile of the travellers, their obligations, their financial strengths, health conditions and family requirements. They analyse and suggest the best travel policy for the clients at a reasonable premium to make their journey safe, comfortable and stress free. After all, traveling is meant to help you rejuvenate and relax and our mantras are so customized to ensure you can experience just that.

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