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Registration on ‘GEM’ Platform

Government e-marketplace (GEM) is an online platform for public procurement introduced by the Commerce and Industry Minister on 9th August 2016, under Allocation of Business Rules, 1961. The Government of India (GOI) under Make in India has made it mandatory for all of its departments to source goods and services from its e-marketplace. The Government of India introduced this portal to acquire stores. One can sell his products to Government Departments and also buy products on Government E-marketplace (GEM) portal.

It is mandatory for Government Offices to buy stocks from this GEM Portal. Only such persons who have obtained the GEM Registration can sell or buy on GEM Portal.

There are two types of GEM Registrations:
a. For buyers and
b. For sellers.

The objective behind GEM is to guarantee effectiveness, transparency, and swiftness in procuring supplies of goods and services. It is an entirely paperless, cashless and technology plus system-driven e-market that enables procurement of common use of goods and services with minimal human interface.

It has various features such as:
• Transparency
• Enhanced efficiency
• Secure and safe
• Potential to support Make in India initiative
• Savings to the Government

Facilities of Gem Portal

• Listing of products for individual categories of goods or services of common use
• Market place buying majority of common user items
• Look, estimate, compare and buying facility on a dynamic pricing basis
• Buying or selling goods and services online as per requirement
• Single window system for increasing or aggregating demands and ordering
• Transparency
• Useful for low-value buying as well as bulk buying at a competitive price using reverse auction or e-bidding.
• vendor rating system
• User-friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies, payment and buying or selling
• Return Policy

Pre-Requisites For Gem Registration
• Name of Organization/department
• Type of Organization/department
• Email ID of Authorized Person
• Mobile Number of Authorized Person
• Aadhar Number and PAN Number of Authorized Person
• GST Number of the Organization
• Income Tax Return for 3 Last Years

Benefits of Gem Registration

Benefits for Buyers
• List of products for individual categories of goods or services with offers
• Availability of various facilities, such as search, compare, select and buy.
• Enables buying online as per one’s own requirement, i.e., as and when required.
• Transparency and ease in buying
• It ensures a continuous vendor rating system
• Up-to-date, user-friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies, buying and making payments.
• Provisions of an easy return policy.

Benefits for Sellers
• Direct access to all departments of Government.
• One-stop-shop for marketing with minimal efforts.
• One-stop-shop for bids or a reverse auction on products or services
• New product suggestions facility available for sellers
• Dynamic pricing, i.e., price changes based on market conditions
• Seller-friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies, selling and payments.
• Uniform and consistent purchase procedures.

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