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Resolution Professional Support Services


MRM team extends following services to the prospective Resolution Applicants in acquiring the Corporate Debtor as a going concern

Once the Resolution Plan is approved by the Adjudicating Authority (AA), it needs to be executed and implemented in true spirit and terms as approved by the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal.

At MRM, we provide following services for its smooth execution and implementation:

  1. Resolution Applicant:
  • To draft and file the applications before the concerned authorities for seeking necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.
  • To get the ownership transferred in the name of the Resolution Applicant or nominated persons as per the terms and conditions of the resolution plan.
  • To assist in the preparation of various accounts and statements.
  • To help in ensuring the legal compliances as per the plan.
  1. Insolvency Professionals:
  • To facilitate smooth transfer of ownership of the Corporate Debtor to the Resolution Applicant as per the terms of the Resolution Plan.
  • To monitor the progress of the execution and implementation of the Resolution Plan.
  • To prepare the required reports to be filed before Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal.
  • To ensure distribution of funds received from the Resolution Applicant to various stake holders as per the terms and conditions of the Resolution Plan approved by Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal.


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