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Tax authorities are employing dynamic policies and enforcement strategies in response to evolving business needs. While setting up businesses and growing the returns is of prime focus for our clients, it is equally imperative to guide our clients about the existing tax laws and legislation of the land.

We at “My Rupee Mantra” are abreast with the latest amendments to the ever-changing Indian taxation laws and legislation, and hence, is in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize your current and future tax liabilities. We cater to both our individual and business clients with taxation expertise and knowledge that they desire throughout the year. “My Rupee Mantra” experts deliver tailor-made service offerings in both the Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory spaces.

My Rupee Mantra” supports its clients with broad range of domestic and foreign tax matters, including understanding their global effective tax rate, the tax impact of business re-structuring and preparing for the impact of new and proposed regulations. Tax Compliance experts review and file tax returns for both corporates and individuals, along with indirect tax computation and filing.

Our Taxation Advisory Services Encompass:
• Income Taxation
• Goods & Services Tax
• Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
• Wealth Tax
• Corporate Taxation
• Service Tax
• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Excise and Custom Duty Tax
• Transaction Taxes

Taxation Services
• Prepare tax payments
• Estimate and track tax returns
• Complete quarterly and annual tax reports
• Organize and update the company’s tax database
• Recommend tax strategies that align with business goals
• Prepare necessary paperwork for tax payments and returns
• Share financial data with the accounting department
• Identify tax savings and suggest ways to increase profits
• Follow industry trends and track changes related to taxes
• Liaise with internal and external auditors.
• Forecast tax predictions to senior managers

Accounting Services

Accounting services constitute the core activities of accountancy firms, but a wide range of additional services may also be offered, most notably merger audits, insolvency services, tax advice, investment services and management consulting. Increasing use of information technology and digital working practices have facilitated the cross-border supply of accountancy services.

Accountancy services stems from clients wishing to fulfil mandatory legal requirements, such as financial reporting, and seeking advice on issues such as book-keeping. Individual Clients may be consumers of accountancy services, but the majority of work involves services to enterprises.

If it is outside your scope, it’s probably within ours. When your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, let “My Rupee Mantra” experts in outsourcing and consulting services help you regain your focus.

Our experts realize that every business has its own accounting and financial procedures to support their business. To accommodate this, our experts offer a customized mantra (accounting services) arm tailored towards each business’ unique needs and requirements. By outsourcing your finance and accounting services to us, you improve your profitability significantly. Not only that, but we also offer a next generation finance function that gives you market insights to drive business improvement.

My Rupee Mantra” Accounting Services include all routine tasks, such as, sending & receiving invoices, managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, travel & expense claims, asset accounting, general ledger, etc. We in fact pride ourselves in specializing in accounting, book-keeping, taxation and payroll services for CPAs in Australia, UK and Middle East countries.

As Proven to Our Clients, Here are The Benefits You Will Reap by Accounting Services From Us:
• Ability to focus on your core activities
• Cost savings and efficiency
• Reduced overheads
• Operational control
• Staffing flexibility
• Continuity & risk management
• Enables innovation
• Brings about transformation

My Rupee Mantra is one of the leading Financial Consultancy The Company’s promoter has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Retail Banking, MSME Advances/ Loans and management of stressed assets.