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Fixed Deposit is the most popular investment choice in India. Like Banks, RBI permits selective Corporates & NBFCs to accept deposits for a fixed interest rate and tenure. Such deposits are called Company or Corporate Fixed Deposit.

In these times of high market volatility and uncertain returns, Corporate FDs help you secure your future financially with fixed, predictable returns. Investors can choose to earn regular income with pay-out option or accumulate capital through cumulative option.

Why to invest in Corporate Fixed Deposits
a.Get fixed and Predictable Returns.
b.Ideal Investment for Regular Income or Accumulating Capital.
c.Higher Interest Rates, 0.25% extra for Senior Citizens
d.Investment with “AAA” rated Corporates offers High Safety & Low Risk.
e.Flexible Investment Tenure and Interest Payment Frequency.

My Rupee Mantra’s Role

Our experts offer clients access to “AAA” rated Corporates which denotes High Safety and Low Risk, designs their investment portfolio based on their future requirements and fetch good returns from their hard earned money.

My Rupee Mantra is one of the leading Financial Consultancy The Company’s promoter has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Retail Banking, MSME Advances/ Loans and management of stressed assets.