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Company Management

To augment our consulting services in setting up your business, “My Rupee Mantra” has also forayed into the realm of providing management services to help start-ups & co-operatives to manage their already existing companies. Our experts in business development; market research; marketing; organizational development and learning systems, extend support to our client companies in accomplishing their business goals.

Creating an organization that functions effectively, and learns quickly, requires proven systems to help all stakeholders understand, evaluate, analyse and improve individual and business performances. Regular planning sessions, reports and consultations ensure that the co-operative members own and control the development process. Whether working with a start-up steering committee or, the board & staff of an existing co-operative, “My Rupee Mantra” experts help you to develop professional environments to enhance worker satisfaction, business outcomes and customer delight.

Strategic Planning Services
My Rupee Mantra” strategy experts deep dive into understanding your existing business intricacies and build long-lasting management processes which ultimately result in a steady growth both in terms of business revenues and workforce intelligence. Be it a small organization or a mammoth conglomerate, we cater to businesses of all sizes and deliver integrated, holistically-balanced planning services.

Start-Up Services
It is the start-ups which need the utmost planning and assistance to pave the road for establishing themselves and build the confidence in the market for a successful profitable business. Hence, “My Rupee Mantra” team brings together all its intellectual capital to provide the following complete project management services.
• Organisational Development
• Feasibility Assessment
• Business Planning
• Strategic Planning
• Market Research
• New Product Development
• Financial Systems
• HR Department
• Communications
• Accounting
• Consultant and Staff Oversight
• Board Training

Market Entry Support
My Rupee Mantra” experts not only help domestic companies and businesses to be set up in India, but we also invite international organizations to set joint ventures in the Indian sub-continent. International businesses can confidently entrust their responsibilities with us when they want to spread their wings beyond their local territories and enter into India as part of their internationalization process. Our business research analysts assist in preliminary market research and help in evaluating the feasibility of the Indian market, and provide roadmaps on how to customize your products & services for the Indian market, for a better ROI.
Following are the niche consultation services we offer to facilitate your efforts in setting foot in India.
• Mapping the Competitive Landscape
• Identifying and Reviewing Potential Partners
• Profiling Regulators
• Assessing Political and Operational Risks

My Rupee Mantra is one of the leading Financial Consultancy The Company’s promoter has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Retail Banking, MSME Advances/ Loans and management of stressed assets.