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Foreign exchange instruments are financial instruments represented on the Foreign Market. It mainly consists of Currency Agreements and Derivatives.

Based on currency agreements, they can be broken into three categories i.e. Spot, Outright Forwards and Currency Swap.

“My Rupee Mantra’s Role
– Help accurately measure international market volatility.
– Help in identifying the effects of the rise and fall of the prices in various currencies.
– Help in proper risk assessment of the client as per his tolerance.
– Analyse the market sentiments, investors’ interest, and market confidence as reflected via the rise and fall of instruments’ prices.
– Create a Mantra for the clients to reap profits to meet his financial goals.


My Rupee Mantra is one of the leading Financial Consultancy The Company’s promoter has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Retail Banking, MSME Advances/ Loans and management of stressed assets.